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Automatic capsule separated machine with sortor RCP-01

Automatic capsule separated machine with sortor RCP-01
This is the world first machine designed to separate capsules and re-use powder, granules, pellets, or micro-tablets which is built to replace the traditional way of milling, sieving and retrieving powder. Our machine is first of its kind to separate and retrieve round pellets and micro-tablets. It is ergonomically designed; suitable for all capsule sizes with applicable change parts; easy to clean and maintain; user-friendly and meet the cGMP Standard in the industry. It is excellent machine to own by any capsule manufacturing plants or R&D laboratories, where powder are extremely expensive and cGMP is strictly required. The capsules enter through the guide from the sorting system are pushed into separating device by the horizontal fork. The blades on the device hold the cap and body of the moving capsules. The capsules moving according to the opening rail formed by the blades; then, it will separate the body and cap of capsule completely.
    Technical data:
  1. Model : RCP-01
  2. Output : 18000pcs/hr
  3. Power supply : 220V 50/60hz 1P 110V 50/60hz 1P
  4. Machine dimension : 600mmx600mmx1100mm
  5. Net weight/gross weight : 40kgs/75kgs
  6. Compress air : 0.25 cubic meter /0.3 Mpa
   Company information
  • Richmech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • TEL : 886-2-2502-2949
  • FAX : 886-2-2505-0192
  • Contact Person : Allen Chen
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