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High speed tablet deduster RTHD-40

High speed tablet deduster RTHD-40
The high-speed tablet deduster model RTHD-40 adopts the principle of compressed air purging, centrifugal dedusting and roller deburring and vacuum extraction to clean the powder attaching on the surface of the tablet and burrs on edges so that the surface of tablet is clean and the edges are regular. It is a must have equipment in tablet production processes.
The machine adopts DC motor to achieve stepless speed regulation. It is available for dedusting requirements for various output and products. The heights and angles of inlet and outlet can be adjusted freely within a certain range to meet different working requirements. There are foot wheels installed on the bottom of the machine frame so that the machine can be moved to the working place easily.
The machine consists of feeding hopper (A), driving box (B), tablet pass-through section (C), screen drum (D), air purging device (E), outlet (F), frame (G), speed controller (H), and gearing unit (I), etc. See figure 1. Tablets are fed into the screen drum through feeding hopper. The screen drum is driven by the driving box consisting of DC motor and gearing unit to rotate. The tablets are transmitted from circle beneath to outlet along the spiral plates in the screen drum.
The screen holes on the drum deburr the tablets slightly. The compressed air purging device cleans the surfaces of the tablets continuously within a short distance. Under the actions of spraying air, centrifugal force and gravity, the ˇ°tabletsˇ± and ˇ°powdersˇ± are separated respectively from the dust. At the same time, the dust is sucked into a dust collector with the aspirating air. The dust and burrs attaching on the surfaces of the tablets are removed finally. The working heights and angles of inlet and outlet can be adjusted with lifting column and locking lever for the machine.
  1. Model : RTHD-40
  2. Output : 500000pcs/hr(dia.5mm tablet)
  3. Rate of power : 110w
  4. Power supply : 110V/220V 50/60Hz 1P
  5. Compressed air : 3bar
  6. Overal dimension : 750mmx320mmx1030mm
  7. Net weight/gross weight : 35/80kgs
   Company information
  • Richmech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • TEL : 886-2-2502-2949
  • FAX : 886-2-2505-0192
  • Contact Person : Allen Chen
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