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Tube filler for matel tube RTMF-60

Tube filler for matel tube RTMF-60
    Main features and technical parameters:
  • Transmission of the closure on the platform below, safe, reliable, pollution-free.
  • filling and sealing part of the installation of the platform no more than semi-closed within the static frame visual cover, easy to observe, easy operation, easy maintenance.
  • PLC + touch screen control, color graphics interface, man-machine dialogue.
  • Adjustable speed control positions accompanied by (also adjustable swing angle) the entire series manipulator, control devices and vacuum generators to supply accurate and stable hose).
  • handrails in a vacuum on the tube under the action of turning about 90 o, the hose is pressed into the elastic tube station on the tube cup.
  • Photoelectric on standard workstations with high-precision color detector,stepper motor control patterns in the correct position hose.
  • filling nozzle according to the characteristics and quantity of filling material to determine its size, can provide the form of a blow off nozzle type, style and blow off all of comprehension.
  • No tube no filling.
  • Sealing much more flexible manipulator can be adjusted through different to achieve the end of the second fold, three fold and saddle-shaped tail end off.
  • type code code print workstation automatically requests the position in the process.
  • Fault alarm, overload shutdown
  • count and quantitative down
  • Suitable for: Metal Pipe
  • production capacity :30-60 / min
  • Filling capacity :2-80ml / support
  • Filling error: ≤ ± 1%
  • for hose diameter: 10-28 mm
  • For hose length :50-160 mm (length Lid)
  • Main motor power: 1.1kw
  • Working pressure :0.5-0 .6 MPa
  • Displacement: not more than 600L/min
  • Overall dimensions: 1950 × 750 × 1850mm
  • Weight: 900 kg

  • Standard: saddle-shaped folded sealing device can achieve by adjusting the folding and fold sides of the trilateral
  • Standard: Xiegua automatic feeding tube position matching the entire series: Laminated Barrel insulation device
  • Optional: internal agitator barrel selection: automatic feeding device (pump)
  • Optional: pipe finished products output transmission device
   Company information
  • Richmech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • TEL : 886-2-2502-2949
  • FAX : 886-2-2505-0192
  • Contact Person : Allen Chen
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