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Self-adhsive labeler RSLR-60
This cellophane overwrapping machine is used for overwrapping the square,rectangular product with a layer of cellophane(BOPP,OPP.PVC) the same as the packaging of cigarette. This machine is suitable for single packaging of various pharmaceuticals,condom,health-care product,food,confectionery,chewing gum,tea,coffees,chocolate,biscuits,perfumes,cosmetics,notepad,scratchpad,stationery,eraser,digital-media,VCD/DVD/CD cassette,blue ray discs,tape,tobaccos,playing cards, napcki paper,etc. Feature: this machine is designed on the basis of adopting and improving the overses advanced science and technology from Europe and Japan,adopting imported electrical component,with the advantage of stable and reliableoperation,high speed,a firm packing,smooth and good looking. It could do product feeding,film folding,heating sealing automatically.Changing few parts could overwrap different size of prdduct
    Technical parameter:
  • Application range: L 100-400mmxW50-240mmxH 20-110mm
  • Power supply : 220V/50-60Hz,single phase
  • Power consumption : 4.5kw
  • Dimension : 2250mmx1100mmx1850mm
  • Weight :1000kgs
   Company information
  • Richmech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • TEL : 886-2-2502-2949
  • FAX : 886-2-2505-0192
  • Contact Person : Allen Chen
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