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High speed weighing & vertical pack sealing machine RHVS-60

Self-adhsive labeler RSLR-60

1. English film touch screen display, operation is simple.
2. PLC computer control system, more stable operation, without stopping to adjust any parameters.
3. Ten can be stored in different packaging change variety is more accurate.
4. Servo motor drawing film, more accurate positioning.
5. Independent temperature control system, accuracy up to ± 1 ℃ degrees.
6. Horizontal, vertical sealing temperature control, can be suitable for various film, PE film packaging materials.
7. Variety of packaging styles, back closure, Gusseted, and even bags, punching and so on.
8. Production bag, seal, packaging, print date in one complete.
9. Clean working environment, noise.

Application package range:
Suitable for packing granular, block, strip, packaging product within the range of 1200ML.

    Technical parameter:
  • Machine type (TYPE) RHVP-60
  • Length of bag (Bag length) 50-300mm (L)
  • Width of bag (Bag width) 50-200mm (W)
  • Film width (Max width of roll film) 420mm
  • Packaging film material (packing material) OPP / CPP, OPP / PE, PET / PE
  • Packaging speed (Packing speed) 30-70bag/min
  • Measurement range (Measuring range) 150-1200ml
  • Pneumatic (Air consumption) 0.65mpa
  • Air Consumption (Gas consumption) 0.3 m / min
  • Voltage (Power voltage) 220V
  • Power (Power) 2.2KW
  • Dimension (Dimension) (L) 1320mm × (w) 950mm × (H) 1360mm
  • Weight (Deadwight of machine) 540kg

   Company information
  • Richmech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • TEL : 886-2-2502-2949
  • FAX : 886-2-2505-0192
  • Contact Person : Allen Chen
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